Introducing the "Mighty Midget" Smallpipe reed
Used to attach a Deger MK2 electronic chanter to the bagpipe chanter stock allowing you to play your normal pipe bag and drones with the Deger Electronic Chanter.
Smallpipe Drone Reeds hard to come by?  You bet they are! Here is a Smallpipe reed that fits and plays in most Smallpipes including Scottish, Northumberland, Parlour, Lounge, Shuttle and Fireside irrespective of who made the pipes.  Other types of smallpipes, even those that use double bladed reeds in the drones will accept these reeds. Every reed is hand made and tested before it leaves here. Comes in sets of three.
Split Stocks for the Great
Highland Bagpipe
If you use more than one chanter, then a split stock can be a big help to you. Not only will it protect your reed while the chanter is out of the pipes but you will be able to remove one chanter and replace it with another one very quickly. In a band situation, it enables the PM to swap chanters instantly from one player to another without the hasssle of re-hemping etc.
Comes with one stock, two bodies and one end cap.
Other bagpipe parts
Blow sticks, Stocks and other bagpipe parts can be made to order. Broken parts can be repaired or replaced. Bags tied into stocks and refurbishment of all bagpipes can be undertaken.
Practice Chanters
Practice chanters are made from hard wearing Delrin  and accept the normal practice chanter reeds available from bagpipe supplies.
Made in all popular sizes, Normal, Long and Children's model.       Nominate size when ordering

Chanter scales are in Mixolydian mode, in the key of B flat.
Don't Forget to order your copy of 'A Book for Pipers' by PM Andy Gorrie
Over fifty tunes mostly composed by Andy, plus a heap of useful information for pipers of all grades and standards. This book has been sold in twelve countries throughout  the world.

From Learner to Pipe Major,Tutor, Solo Player or Bandsman, you can benefit from having this book.

Excellent value.
Deger Attachment
Drone Extenders
Sets of Three. Inserted into your drone tops, these will flatten the pitch if your drones are tuning too high on the slides when playing a Bb chanter, or playing with orchestral bands. There should then be no reason for you to adjust  your existing drone reeds.
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Made using mainly Delrin. Two drone and three drone mouth blown models only. Metal or plastic Ferrules.Fully combed and beaded as required.
Scottish Smallpipes
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discuss your requirements
Made by Andy Gorrie in Queensland, Australia