A Book for Pipers
from: Pipe Major Andy Gorrie (Retired)
6th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment ( 6 RAR )
Hello Andy. I received your book yesterday. I was most impressed with the design, layout, and above all content. I collect bagpipe music books and have close to 100. Your book will take a prized place.  Best Regards GDL, Australia
You get a 'well done that man from me'   I love your book.  NL, (Ex ScotsGuards)  Scotland 
Where was this book years ago. Very informative.  BW,  Canada  
Congratulations on your book, well done.   AB, Australia
Got your book today Andy.  Excellent and I'm very impressed with its layout and content.  Do you mind if I spread it around on FB a bit. No, Don't mind a bit, Thanks.
Thanks again Andy, its a "Braw wee book".   CN, Australia
Nice book and well worth the money. I especially like the tunes Sunset Island and The Banana Bender. I will have the band playing them within a month.   D.MacD, Australia
Pipe Major Andy, I got your book yesterday and i am really enjoying it. I have been playing for about 5 years and did not know a lot of the stuff in the book. Its good to know and I will always keep it to hand for reference. Thanks, TW,  Australia
Got the book in the mail, Andy. Sheqels well-spent!  I am enjoying the book tremendously. The format of the book is great, too, and I may take some inspiration for my own. But mostly--it is the tunes. Yes, good job all around!  D.S. Israel
'Tis all pipers should have. Holds a wealth of info.  Grant Harrington.  Facebook
Andy, Got your book today, Like it, some nice tunes, good to get access to some tunes with an Australian subject matter/dedication. R.H.  Australia
Hi Andy, Showed your book to my tutor today and he would like a copy too. Could you please post it to xxxxxxx   W.J. Australia
Just got my copy, I can recommend it, some good contemporary Australian based compositions, and good advice tips also...Richard Harris, Facebook
Quite a good book as far as tunes and maintenance go . Good to see you are keeping the history and tradition of The RAR Pipes and Drums alive. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, keep up the good work . Hope to see more in the future. Gordon Body Pipe Major (Retired)  RACT PIPES & DRUMS
I have it and it does have good info in it beside just the music...awesome note pages to better us on taking care of especially reeds! Love this!   Marti L Mace USA.  Facebook
I think this little book is one of the best piping books I have ever seen. Chris Nelson Australia.  Facebook
Really good book to have on hand, good tunes, helpful info.  Grant Harrington.  Facebook
It's a great book. I have one. Pamela Copplin, Facebook

Just received my Piper's Book in the post.  I have scanned through to about half way and have found it really well done.  I like the pointers you have inserted, and especially like the short histories you have added about the tunes.  I hope to finish tonight and then try to do a few of the tunes.  Looking forward to them.Thanks for what is looking like a first rate book.  Look forward to more. 
Yours in piping,  RT, USA
To everyone who sent me comments
Hi Andy,
Received your book yesterday.I've had a quick run through the book this morning and I like some of the tunes, and the information/ tips that you have included in the book are well worth reading. As an Ex Forces Piper I find the mention of your Australian Forces as a mark of Great Respect to all Ex service and Serving men and women, those who were lost and their families. I like the book. Eoin A. MacKinnon. Germany.
Andy, Regarding your book, I like the way you have presented it. The comments and informative notes are written in a what I would call an ‘informal’ way. I mean this in a way that I have found in the piping world there are so many differences of opinions where people adamant that their views are ‘the right ones’. I like you selection of tunes, which I see as a good guide for average pipers.I am not the best at sight reading so I need to do more work on the tunes that are new to me.The other attraction to me of this book is that I did a few years in the Army. I also knew Duncan MacLennan, albeit not very well. The book I bought was for a friend who was a piper with xx xxx and also knew Duncan. The tune ‘The Declaration of Arbroath’ you sent, I think is a wonderful tune, thanks to your audio. I will learn it and hope to do it justice. I am not a young piper, but I am involved with two bands in Melbourne and kept very busy.  had a break from piping for many years and now I am keener than I was previously but I may have left my run too late. Thank you for your book and tunes. Best Regards Les.K.  Australia.

Hi Andy,
I have just been onto the drop box and downloaded all the stuff you have there! Awesome stuff it is too. Thank you very much for taking the time to do these things and the generosity to share it with us. Cheers! Wendy
Love your knowledge, thank you again and again!  Your awesome! I live by your book as your the closest I have for training.  I've only learned from youtube and watching them play.  I now have a little over 100 tunes that I can just play from heart and I keep learning more, appx 6-12 tunes at one time with music, until I have them down one at a time, but I keep familiarizing with new tunes for a couple months before I ever play them on pipes.  I'll do all by Pchanter till inbeded into my brain and muscle memory, etc.  Thank you again, Marti in Granite Canon, WY
Thanks for the music book and bonus information and sheet music. I found it very informative . P.H. NSW
It's a great book. Perfect size. And a great price. I love how many tunes are dedicated to Australians. Well done.it's easy to read and I look forward to learning some of the tunes in the book. B.E. NSW
This book is fantastic. I think that  every piper starting out and even more advanced players should invest in getting one.  G McM Kilmarnock, Scotland. 
Andy I got your book today had a look through it . You have done a good job, excellent book. There is only one suggestion this would benefit beginners if you added an audio file of each tune and how it should be played in your drop box J.S. Irvine , Scotland.
OK John, fair comment. I will give it some thought...Andy...........Done John!
Your book arrived.  Geez mate, you put some work into making it all come together.   I had some answers to things I wondered about over the years.   We never know the lot, doesn't matter how long we play for. Will give you 11 out of 10 for work well done. G.F  NSW.
I think I knew all this stuff in your book but I had forgotten most of it. I did not learn much. Couple of the tunes are not too bad. I will give it to my pupil. C.D. NZ.
Leaving for NZ , got my copy of Pipe Major Andy Gorrie's book and man it is the best!  Check it out www.bagpipebook.com Rockinnnnn thanks Andy!   Anthony Ceruti  (the blue Wigggle)
I love the book and all of the tips as well as the tunes!    Penny C   USA
Uv made my piping so much better. (Ret MSG) M.M. USA
This book has now sold in                      countries worldwide
Mate your book arrived today, and I have just finished reading through back to back, what a great read, and full of good tips and techniques to help 'get it right'  IR, Qld
A book for pipers
Mate you were a legend in your time and have been concreted in the history of the Great Pipe Majors of not only Army but General Piping Community. When Andy Gorrie  gave his unreserved opinion on Piping , the community, bands, and Authorities used to listen, as this Piper knew what he was talking about, and had the proven results to back it up.
Just an observation from the Pipe Major 8/9 Battalion Chris Laurenson Best Regards Pipe Major Gorrie (A general statement not particularly ref the book)
Hi Andy,
My dear friends P.and R. J. recently ordered me one of your books, and last night at Band practice, Pat ( fellow lady Piper ) gave me my copy which was a wonderful surprise. It looks awesome. I can't wait to get into reading it and listening to the music files. Thank you very much for setting me up with a user name and password.
Kind regards,  M.A.   NSW
Andy, once again I must compliment you on the Bagpipe book. It is brilliant in its simplicity, layout, selection of tunes, the tribute to our VC winners and handy hints. Would like to wish you all the success with this compilation of beautiful tunes and simple hints. I have my practise chanter on standby ... AN Australia
BLOODY BRILLIANT.   Kaz SA.   HaHaHa Short and sweet. Thanks Kaz...Andy
Very happy with my purchase, thank you. Love the tunes
A great book, I have just received mine. I have spent the last four hours reading it, playing it and taking it all in... I can't blow anymore, my face is numb and I can't hold a seal.
Soraidh and Cpl C. S. Baird have me feeling very humble.
It is a privilege to even own this book.
Thank you Pipe Major Andy Gorrie.  I will play your tunes with gratitude, respect and honour...B.F. Australia.